Organ-on-a-Chip is a powerful technology driving physiological relevance by utilizing microfluidic techniques. The technology is expected to impact drug development and ultimately replace or reduce animal testing. Since the majority of platform technologies are either based on single chips or small numbers of chips in dedicated surroundings, applications for Organ-on-a-chip are largely envisioned in pre-clinical testing.

The OrganoPlate® is an exception to this rule, as it comprises 40 to 96 chips per plate. The microtiter plate footprint renders it fully compatible with automated imaging and robotic handling. In our poster, presented by Camilla Soragni at the SLAS2021 Digital Conference, we report on a 1546 compound screen on a 3D angiogenic sprouting assay. We utilize a newly developed platform, the OrganoPlate 3-lane 64, which comprises 64 chips in a microtiter plate. Download the poster now to find out how exactly we used the OrganoPlate® as a high-throughput screening tool


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