The OrganoPlate® Graft: in vitro vascularization of human tissues

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We describe a platform for in vitro vascularization of human tissues such as organoids, spheroids, and explant material. The OrganoPlate® Graft consists of 64 tissue culture chips that allow for tissue grafting in an automation-compatible device. In each chip, two human endothelial vessels are formed against an extracellular matrix (ECM) gel. These vessels develop a vascular network under stimulation of a gradient of angiogenic factors. As an example, we show how liver spheroids can be grafted onto each vascular network, resulting in vascularized liver models suitable for screening.

Benefits of the OrganoPlate Graft

  • Incorporate perfusable vasculature in your tissue models
  • Compatible with organoids, spheroids, and explant material
  • Excellent imaging quality & compatible with automation