Modelling Angiogenesis From Start to Finish in the OrganoPlate®

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What if you could study angiogenesis in vitro, modeling crucial in vivo aspects easily and quickly?

In this webinar you will learn about developing angiogeneis models in the OrganoPlate® platform, focusing on:

  • How to develop perfusable angiogenic sprouts and assess their functionality
  • How to mimic the tumor microenvironment in your models
  • Overcoming the limitations of current angiogenesis models

Advantages of the OrganoPlate® platform include:

  • Observe the onset and maturation of blood vessel formation
  • Access to perfused lumina of angiogenic sprouts
  • Apply stable gradients of factors
  • Used by the entire top-10 pharma and 100s of academic research groups world wide

Selected Publications

  • van Duinen V, Stam W, Borgdorff V, et al. Standardized and Scalable Assay to Study Perfused 3D Angiogenic Sprouting of iPSC-derived Endothelial Cells In Vitro. J Vis Exp. 2019;(153):10.3791/59678. Published 2019 Nov 6. doi:10.3791/59678
  • van Duinen, V., Zhu, D., Ramakers, C. et al. Perfused 3D angiogenic sprouting in a high-throughput in vitro platform. Angiogenesis 22, 157–165 (2019).
  • van Duinen, V., van den Heuvel, A., Trietsch, S.J. et al. 96 perfusable blood vessels to study vascular permeability in vitro . Sci Rep 7, 18071 (2017).